Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sleepovers in the daytime

Pajama-style pants are like sleepovers in the daytime. I've been dreaming about you recently.... and I’m interested.  

row1: hanneli & margherita missoni rocking the look. row2: brands- Steven Alan & Missoni. row3: brands - Edun & Roberto Cavalli. (photos via net-a-porter)

P.s. go to Zara for a nicely priced pair. Trust me.


  1. woah, i've never thought about wearing pyjama ish pants outside the house! should definetly try this style :D thanks for the tip!!

  2. Oh yeah I love these babies!! Market HQ also has a really cute pair for a good pice at the moment! http://shopmarkethq.com/collections/shop-by-pants/?looks=true , I've been eyeing off this pair."Scorpio Rising" xx

  3. I love this trend and I think it is so cool, but I feel like I have to be 6 feet tall to wear it!



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