Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After graduation some girlfriends and I went to Hong Kong for a couple weeks to celebrate. A few days into the vacay, I emailed my parents and exclaimed that we were having THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!! Meanwhile my noisy friends were looking over my shoulder as I emailed a personal message…. They were all, stop yelling at your parents. Haha, I seriously didn’t know that all caps was yelling! Obviously they wouldn’t shut up about it after that.
I’ve also been busted for my excessive use of exclamation points, which gives off the impression of being either really dramatic or super hyper. Maybe both are slightly accurate. ;-) However, something worthy of shouting and exclamation points are these detail shots from the Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2012 collection. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The vibe is very reminiscent of Sophia Loren, old Hollywood glamour with a twist… did you notice the pasta shaped earrings?  So fun!  What do you think?

 via the dolce and gabbana fb page

Rag & Bone Do Fall


Plaid blazers and white slip dresses, striped shorts, electric blue jeans, nubby sweaters, fuzzy jackets, thick socks & ankle boots…. Welcome to the Rag & Bone Fall LookBook. I find this excellent Fall inspiration and in line with how a cool girl wants to dress. Thoughts?

Monday, September 26, 2011

sunny disposition vs. sexy black

are you noticing a major trend in the latest street style? bold prints, two bold prints worn together, bright colors, super bright colors, and more of the same! the fashion world has a sunny disposition. i hope these cheerful looks rub off on me. ;-) conversely, there's a strong movement in the opposite direction - all black. black lace, black embellishments on black, and black and white pairings.... oh my! which side are you on?
fashionable glass half full-

fashionable glass rocking sexy black

via tommy ton

bold steps

Presenting some bright and exquisite footwear fresh off the s/s 2012 runways. i love the little black lace bootie sock under a strappy pastel heel and the mary jane remix with an ankle strap. Which ones do you like?
Designers featured- prada, marni, dolce & gabbana, missoni, and salvatore ferragamo. images via style.com

playlist - adorn me

I’ve been so into the massive fashion explosion aka the S/S 2012 shows that I haven’t posted music recently. Do you like these sort of posts (because I'm also obsessed with music & love sharing!)? These tunes are perfect for cleaning out your wardrobe for the Fall..or taking pictures, getting pretty, painting, driving, making out, whatever. If you don’t listen to the whole thing (I recommend you do), please check out The Jezabels here (the song Endless Summer is legit) and this Rumspringa tune (find it on Spotify) deserves some attention. What songs would you add to this playlist?
Thanks for being such a good listener!  ;-) xo


Sunday, September 25, 2011

little dutch girl - Lara Stone

New york times magazine features our favorite little dutch girl, Lara Stone, as she visits her home town in the Netherlands. I really love these candid beautiful photos. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

YSL Muse - Talitha Getty

Patrick Lichfield's iconic photograph of Talitla Getty and her husband John Paul Getty on a Marrakesh rooftop in 1969 has offered inspiration to designers, stylists, and photographers for decades.  As the embodiment of an era beset with innocence and wild decadence, they represent a generation of the barefoot flower child; the beautiful and damned.  Talitla Getty was muse to Yves Saint Laurent and his legacy of Moroccan style, 60’s glamour, and hippie-de-luxe is forever a part of fashion and culture.   

Friday, September 23, 2011

the REAL Mila Kunis

At the roulette table in Vegas, the girl to my right randomly started chatting it up with me, betting on everything I did, ordering my drinks and tipping the waitress for me. Why the extreme niceness... was she tipsy? Then, she asked for my autograph!? Ahahaha. I was all, why? ….She thought I was Mila Kunis! Here’s the real sexpot in an out of this world photo. Such a great shot!

photo via theappledrug.com

Prada LOVE

i mean, could it be any better? the raceway theme displayed in cars and fire-like prints is so expectedly quirky and beautiful. Miuccia Prada is always full of contractions and has perfected the exquisite balancing act of mature but young and fresh; sweet but aggressive and totally badass; exposed but covered up and proper; effortless but completely fashionable and special. 

the shoes and sunglasses? yes, please! what do you think? are you a fan?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

wild thing

animal prints seem to linger in fashion for infinity with variations from season to season.  so wild thing, get in touch with your animal instincts! :-) ... photos for the day.

p.s. can you guess which one is me? 

photos via chloedoillon.blogspot.com,  and modeling photoshoot