Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty notes: hair care

This is my complete (and very simple!) hair regime.  Just a few amazing products do the trick. Unfortunately, I heard that Matrix is being discontinued…. And completely revamped! If you use it, I suggest stocking up. The Sulfate-free Delicate Care Shampoo has a lather that is out of this world! I’ve been through the gamut of nearly every brand and I’m not ready to move on. (Most recently the organic and vegan Pureology but because it’s not water-based, it has zero lather.)  Of course MorrocanOil sells like hotcakes and continues to be too perfect for any revamp.  I recently picked up this sample for the soon to be released K-PAK Ultra Deep Conditioner.  The verdict: don’t bother; I barely noticed a thing. What are your recommendations/favorites?

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  1. those products sound really good :)



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