Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Latecomers Win

I wasn’t the first in the doors or even close and by the time I arrived nearly everything was cleaned out. But oddly the items I had been eyeing were magically the only pieces left behind (and conveniently in size XS!).  It’s like they were just waiting for me to get there.  So... I scored bedding, the sweater shift dress (that I really wanted), a signature zip-up hoodie (so cute on), and patterned ballet flats (I can’t believe the only ones left were size 7). Did anyone else get some limited edition Missoni for Target gear?
 photo credit- me


  1. ah! i'm so jealous of you! i'm from new york, but am in london for the semester so i missed out on missoni for target completely. glad you got what you wanted! xx

  2. wow, u r one lucky girl! i know many ppl who said they couldn't even get their foot in the door!



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