Monday, August 29, 2011

motha stewart

Bored waiting at the checkout while some slow-poke ahead of me disputed a double charge, I spotted the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine and quickly picked it up. Un-seasonably early, yes. Featuring fantastically moth-like eyelashes, hell yes. Sometimes I get a little too excited for Halloween. I think I'll be a butterfly this year. Clearly, I’m a Motha Stewart copycat but who cares? It’s so cute! It’s weird to ask in August, but what are you going to dress as? One year I took control of the sewing machine and constructed a mini vampire dress; I kept fake blood in my clutch at the party for the occasional blood-sucking touch-up.  I needed to maintain my rep of getting some. Just kidding! Another year for the playboy mansion party, I splattered coffee on an old bedsheet, ripped it up, burned the edges, and strategically wrapped it around my body for a mummy outfit. Everyone complimented me like crazy.  So much fun! Evidence below-

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