Friday, October 19, 2012

dmitry! my man!

the season finale of project runway was last night and spoiler alert (if you didn't watch last night), i just gave away the winner in the title. the one and only talented and amazing dmitry!! my man! i suppose i should have followed my mom's technique and titled this post the same as she did her email to me first thing this morning: "so glad about the winner of project runway!"... then the email was blank. :-) but i sort of knew...we've been obsessed with dmitry all season. he's so funny and his clothes are stunning. his talent is astonishing!!! i'm so happy he won. some of my fave looks from his winning collection. 

are you a project runway fanatic? who did you want to win?

all images via here


  1. super lovely collections<3

    follow each other sweet? :D
    hello behel

  2. From what I can see he's really creative!

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. The looks are stunning! :)

    Followed you!

  4. thanks for your comment :) your blog is also inspiring :) lets follow each other?

  5. I am so happy that he won!! So well deserved!
    This pieces are so wearable, so beautiful. xx


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