Friday, October 12, 2012

coast to coast

hello beauties and handsome men! i've been road tripping across the country, which explains my blog hiatus. it's been an incredible journey and i'm completely blown away by the beauty of mother earth and the vast diversity of america. i traveled from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA. if you ever have the chance, I highly recommend this amazing adventure. make sure you have nice company and tunes! happy friday!! 

here's some instagrams from my trip.
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xox mary

on the road in my cat-eye sunnies (see the reflection?) haha
into the great wide open. this was right when we entered california! 
 we stopped at the meteor crater in arizona, right outside of flagstaff. it was so neat!
this is not completely related to the road trip but i found the most amazing slippers and cannot take them off. beyond snuggly!
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