Friday, August 16, 2013

vision board material, check.

remember circa 2006 when the book "the secret" came out and everyone and their mother (oprah included) was amped on visualization and vision boards? not that i don't subscribe to the hype, there's some truth there for sure, but i never got around to that vision board bit. given these photos of cuixmala off the virgin coast, i now have no excuse to not visualize a dream vacay. thank's honestly, wtf, I'm officially inspired! :-) maybe you'll be too? sharing is caring ;-) xo, mary

And these words straight from her blog: "Set on a vast private estate along the Pacific Coast in Mexico sits Cuixmala. Among the many things that set Cuixmala apart from other boutique hotels are an exotic animal preserve, a turtle sanctuary, a coconut plantation, and an organic farm where most of the food consumed on the property is grown. Who doesn’t wants to rent a luxurious and private casita on the Virgin Coast? And did I mention most rooms come with your own chef and butler?!" 

   images via honesty, wtf

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