Monday, August 26, 2013

play by your own rules

After wrapping today's shoot, I threw on my favorite Rebel Yell baseball-jersey-style t-shirt and felt so blissfully content with it's soft coziness (i'm an addict for anything cozy... clothes, bedding, homes, people ;-) when it occurred to me that i needed to check on the label for fresh gear. I discovered their amazing look book that embodies all that is officially rebel yell: clothes "For the tomboys, the rebels, the girls with tousled hair and torn up tees who play by their own rules." For me, Rebel Yell clothes, which are proudly made in Los Angeles, represent the cool and carefree attitude of the quintessential California girl. Can you dig it?
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  1. Great pics!

  2. I love the jersey trend t-shirt very versatile & stylish

  3. I like the t shirt from the first photo !

  4. Love the pictures :)


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