Tuesday, April 3, 2012

somewhere you feel free...

you belong among the wild flowers, you belong on a boat out at sea. sail away, kill off the hours, you belong somewhere you feel free...

i was obsessed with the "wildflowers" album one wild and free summer. among others, it was on heavy rotation. amazing track! (disclaimer- breakdown is my fave tom petty song!) the very cool shopbop lookbook featuring flowers galore brought this song to mind. although their depection is less wild child and more tame lady. sophisticated chic lady. :-) what do you think? are you into the feminine florals this spring?
i def would love to get my hands on more than a few of these pieces. the dresses are amazing and i love the styling of this shoot!!

hope you're having a wonderful day! later skater 

images via shopbop


  1. inspiration!


  2. Oh I totally heart Cintia Dicker - she's one of my all-time favourite models. This collection is beautiful, so full of bloom and colour. I like your blog!

    xx Joana

  3. Woow, I love this photos! They are so inspiring! <33
    see my blog, xoxo


  4. I love all of the florals!!


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