Thursday, September 27, 2012

emmy *fashion* awards

the emmy's are for tv actors awarding themselves. or someone is giving them an award? although i only watch one show (i'm a 'project runway' lover!), i enjoy the fashions for these shows. and some people were looking very lovely Sunday night! i'm giving the best dressed award to.... these people: 

va-va voom! girlfriend looks red hot!

the ultimate architectural fashion dress. she gets it. if only that hair was in place...! 

i find this couple so cute and her dress is really fun. feels old hollywood but so fresh!

lanvin does a baby bump. claire danes is glowing, effortless, and gorgeous! he looks good too! wowza

he's so dapper, makes a girl want to be a man. sort of ;-)

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  1. I like the dress number 3!!! It's soooo great!


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