Thursday, August 23, 2012

Press Play: Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane Remix) by CASCINE

press play- 
Erika Spring - Happy At Your Gate (Aeroplane Remix) by CASCINE

"When Erika Spring broke off from all-girl indie trio Au Revoir Simone, the result was a little less pop, but still had us completely enraptured.
Her debut EP included “Happy At Your Gate,” a single complete with heavy sighs and a soft, dreamy beat.

Now we’re premiering the song’s new remix by French House DJ, Aeroplane. His touch is a bumpier bass that lends a steady build of suspense. So when Erika croons “were you waiting for me” it really tugs at your heartstrings.
Get lost in the track here first here. Then download it for free too. You’re welcome.

via nylon magazine blog


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