Sunday, July 29, 2012

happiness project

without completely realizing it until now, I’ve developed a mini-obsession with gretchen rubin. it started a couple of weeks ago when i had an overwhelming urge to purge my belongings, de-clutter this motherf**ker, and organize like i had a serious case of OCD. on my search for some tips and motivation, i stumbled upon gretchen rubin's "happiness project" youtube series, which claims that "outer order contributes to inner calm." i was hooked. this was my exact intention: to eliminate the inner mess of clutter (by way of the outer) and ignite the spark of creativity. trust me, it works like a charm. my last clutter cleaning birthed a conscious flow of profound expression and i wrote 24 poems in a couple of hours. my fingers typing couldn't keep up with my brain streaming. When i woke up this morning and looked around, on the night stand was rubin's "happiness project" book with her "power money fame sex" close by. the first thing i wanted to do was pick it up and start off where i finished before dosing off last night. it's a very fun mini-obsession! she's smart, authentic, relatable, and a queen of research and legitimacy that teaches in a clever, subtle way. although not directly style related, a messy home or closet is never chic. what projects are you currently working on? who inspires you? for those of you feeling carefree and relaxed today, because after all it is “Sunday Funday,” this one’s for you…. enjoy! have a happy one! xoxo, mary
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