Monday, December 5, 2011


laura and i bought bangs yesterday to temporarily try the 'do. here's the result: to go bangs or not go bangs, that is the question. what do you say?

p.s. do bangs require more work with styling or get in the way during workouts? let me know friends.  :-) 
  all (silly) photos by me :-)

have a great day! xo, mary


  1. i think they look so cute on you. you got the color to match so well as well! i would say keep your real hair without bangs, that way, you can always just switch it up!

    <3 rae

  2. Love you with bangs! Okay, I just cut mine and they are more work for sure, but I feel a lot more "done" even when I'm not "done". I just wear a headband when I work out regardless so it's fine! CUT THEM! They grow back SO fast! :)

  3. bangs suite you really well
    but they do need more styling than the rest of the hair.

  4. They really suit you :) It depends on what your happiest with! But I'd say avoid extra work in the morning - more time to sleep - yaay! :)

  5. they look great! and such gorgeous eyes:)

  6. love your bangs!<3 they really suit you!<3


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