Saturday, March 16, 2013

instagram: so-cal life

 look who showed up on my bathroom mirror. haha. yey!
 an amazing run at the beach. something about the ocean soothes the soul. #santamonicapier
 "after" the face mask. so fresh and so clean clean. see photo below :-)
 first and last picco sour from picca! at least the foam decorations were cute :-)
 my boy linney laying down a track
 good morning love cuties ;-)
 stoked on my new sandals. gold & tan so perfect. stay tuned for how i styled them (sans sweatpants!)
 daily run 75 degrees perfection
 a beautiful day in the neighborhood #beverlyhills
 la wall art
 my homemade crabbies.  brunch is served!
my new friend normandy. so stylish!

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